The Best Email Tools to Increase Your Productivity

Email Continuity

Protect incoming email from any type of server outage, whether it's an in-house server or hosted with a cloud email service. Protect an entire domain in minutes and create user email accounts for long outages.

  • Protect your entire domain
  • Instant email access for server outages
  • Restore by Recipient
  • Restore by Folder
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Email Sync

Use the Sync Ninja to move email between email accounts and email folders on different servers. Easily schedule jobs to sync email between continuity accounts, cloud email services or your in-house servers.

  • Monitor & Sync account folders
  • Monitor & Sync email accounts
  • Duplicate folder structure to a new account
  • Setup ninjas to work for you
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Email Migration

The task of moving email from one server to another can be daunting for a user, another hosting company or an IT Administrator. We've created simple tools to help you migrate email from anywhere to anywhere.

  • Easily migrate email accounts
  • Add remote accounts
  • Duplicate your inbox and other folders
  • Run once, then monitor through migration
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Save Your Business, Look Good and Rest Assured

Email is imperative. Users demand consistent uptime. If your company email is down, the costs can be high. We're here to save the day.

Ninja Email Continuity

Keep your primary mail server. Add continuity to ensure messages are received and email can be accessed. The backup email solution for any primary mail server is Ninja's Email Continuity. Since Ninja is outside of the network of your email host, web host, ISP or office location, it offers consistent protection against hardware failures, network outages, power disruptions and even quick server reboots. Ninja is simply the best email continuity and backup mx service on the planet.

Receive email when your server is down

When your email server is unavailable for any reason, Ninja will queue all incoming email until your server comes back online. Downtime could happen for seconds or even days.

    Ninja in a Nutshell
  1. Receive email when your server can't
  2. Store email until your server comes back online
  3. Provide users access for long downtimes

Instant Access to Email

Users will have instant access to email through full featured POP/IMAP/SMTP mail accounts. Users can use webmail and setup accounts in Outlook or any preferred email client. Mobile devices and secure email are supported. This is the perfect solution for long outages, hardware upgrades and users who require 24/7 email access. That would be everyone.

Email Sync

Use Ninja's Email Sync to copy email between accounts, folders and servers. You can Sync by Folder, Sync by Account and even duplicate the folder structure from one account to another. Use it to migrate users to a new email system or use it to sync project emails from one user's folder to another user's folder. There are limitless uses for Email Sync.

Loads of Options

Control these options from Dojo, your secure admin console.

  • Fully manage email accounts and folders
  • Manage Email Sync frequency globally and per email account
  • Manage the load placed on your server

What's Included

  • Secure POP, IMAP, SMTP (SSL/TLS)
  • Sync by Folder or Account
  • Six levels of SPAM protection or turn it off
  • Easy to use web interface