Yahoo Mail Problems

9-12-2013 12-25-13 PM

Yahoo’s live status on is collected from a series of sources. This screen shot from today, September 12th at 12:30 pm CDT is an example of their analysis of problems. Keeping up with major outages helps us improve Ninja Tools by expecting spikes in our user traffic when large email providers are experiencing service outage.

Google Outage: Friday, August 23rd

An article on Sky News and referenced by Fox News reports a huge Google outage Friday evening, August 23rd. The outage lasted for 5 minutes, denying users access to Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive and search results. Google Apps for business users may have had some email bounce during this “total eclipse”, however Google has […]

Email Continuity Anti-Spam Settings

Email Continuity Spam and Virus Protection

Ninja Email Continuity includes anti-spam for email protected by the Continuity Ninja. If your primary email server cannot receive email for any reason, Ninja Email Continuity will receive it and scan it for viruses based on the settings you choose in your account.

Customized Migration Tools

We’ve been developing customized migration tools for clients moving toward Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Many of the tools built into Ninja came from our client’s ideas. We’re always looking for suggestions to build our apps for our users. Please take a moment and let us know what you’re looking for. Beta test Ninja […]

Email Continuity for In House Email Servers

Spam Filtering for Email Continuity

While most organizations today need to ensure reliable email delivery, companies that choose to maintain their own in house email servers need reliable backup options for email delivery. Backup MX and temporary email storage is just one part of a reliable email delivery solution and can be achieved for as little as $5 per month. […]